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Business Related Stress-A modern dilemma!


I want to address those of you who struggle to balance life with work. That's a big audience. As a Counsellor, I strive to empathise with my clients and get a real feel for how they experience their lives. Indeed all professional counsellors will hopefully do this. Where I differ from many of my fellow counsellors is that I had a lengthy and successful career in Marketing within the financial services industry. I feel I can identify that bit more with those who hold back to back meetings, give public talks to over 100 people and sit in front of a board meeting. I have done all of these things and they are not easy. It doesn't matter whether you feel a bit shaky from the adrenalin-its how you perform despite this. To use a golfing analogy-many a golfer won a tournament with shaky hands!

Ok, we can help with the shaky hands as well but its important to remember that business is not life and death-even if your adrenalin level tells you it is.

The secret is to learn to control your self in the face of a moderately stressful encounter. Remember you are not fleeing from a sabre tooth tiger as our ancestors may have had too. It may be the Managing Director but his teeth are not that long.

Through a combination of breathing and visualisation, I can help you feel in control of your emotions and in providing a measured response.

So, if you are suffering stress at work and feel that you are not responding to your environment in a positive way-act now. The longer you leave it the more time you will have to develop negative coping mechanisms (e.g. smoking, alcohol etc). Such negative coping mechanisms can be much more costly than seeking therapy.

Remember you are a human being not a human doing. You have emotions and you can be in control of them.

Through a combination of breathing and visualisation, I can help you take  more control of your emotions and your life.


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