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Performance can be a scary word. However performance itself need not be scary.


First, have a defined goal. If you don't know what you are trying to achieve, you cannot achieve it.


Second, ensure that you are fully prepared to perform your best. Some people get so overcome with anxiety regarding a forthcoming performance that they fail to prepare-spending most of their time worrying. It's natural to have some concerns over a performance whether it relates to Sport, Business or an Exam. Indeed, some feeling of excitement, perhaps adrenalin driven, is required to perform at your best. 


Third and last of these need to focus on your aim and relax...LET IT FLOW. Sounds easy but perhaps letting things flow is the hardest part. You know a lot rests on your performance. However, if you think of riding a bicycle or driving a car for the first time-did it all seem too conscious?-thinking about what you have to do. And after a while it became automatic-how conscious is an experienced driver of changing gear. Now, lets consider a business talk-if you can get the first few words out the rest generally flows well. There are many hints I can give on this topic.


If you are a sportsman, say a Golfer, who habitually allows nerves to ruin performance "when a score card is in my hand" , then learning to relax whilst focusing on your goal is vital. For golfers, a three foot putt or less to win a tournament at Professional  or Amateur level can be daunting. However building up your confidence and ability to relax in pressure situations can help you perform at your best.


The biggest areas I can help you with is boosting your confidence and helping you improve your ability to relax. The ability to relax can be learned, and in my view the method is best designed for each individual. It depends how you think and how you mentally represent things. Visualisation combined with a relaxed focus can prove very useful in allowing you to "Stay in your Zone" long enough to perform at your best.


So, if performance issues are weighing you down-contact me.




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